By Utokia Langley

Utokia Langley is a public figure who shares Motivational Messages with the world!  Her appetite to help others and impact as many lives as possible inspired her to create SipNLife Mugs, Tshirts and other Products designed to be reminders of positivity, gratitude, and upliftment just for YOU so that you are assured you CAN live a full life, you CAN be at peace and happy, you CAN have healthy and productive relationships with others, you CAN do anything you put your mind to and you ARE freakin amazing.  You can purchase for self or others at Also, SipNLife Messages can be found @SipNLife on Facebook, YouTube  and Instagram (what are you waiting for go follow her (smile)).

Utokia believes that “words can lighten dark moments, give hope to the hopeless, empower the insecure and love the unloved”.  She furthermore unapologetically believes in the freedom to speak your mind fearlessly!

Utokia is also the PROUD owner, home chef, recipe developer and cooking show host of the food blog ShesGotFlavor, where she develops and shares flavorful recipes that are FAST, FRUGAL & FLAVORFUL with the world!  You can find her blog @ShesGotFlavor on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram and of course at!

She further is the Co-Founder of SugaryMercy mini sweet potato pies where she and her husband share the sweetest mouth watering mini sweet potato pies around!  Follow them @SugaryMercy

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